Trough and undercarriage of the tractor MT-LB. Vertical frame (cell no more than 0.5 m), channel-65 Horizontal frame under the platform of the tower turning mechanism and the tower itself-channel 150, 170. Longitudinal stretching (vertical) tower platform – channel 150 The sides of the sheet metal of 5 mm Lower shelf (lateral) sides -listovoy metal 5mm. The frontal trough-5mm. The platform under the driver’s hatch, the hatch arrow rotating tower to the engine compartment – 5mm sheet metal, angles of inclination of the front and rear broni- 8 degrees. driver’s hatch, the hatch arrow hatch loader hatch commander of the tower, evacuation hatch, pistol slot, front and rear side-sieves hollow – sheet metal between 3 and 5 mm. The upper radiator cover -3-5 mm Filter cleaning fozduha 6 mm the exhaust system (pipe), a wall thickness of 5 to 7 mm Movable connection engine exhaust pipes and corrugated metal glushitelya- with imported tractors. Homemade cannon, recoilless. Additional engine cooling fan 6. 2 ventilyatora- on radiator 4 fan (2 per side) at the rear sieves. Management tankom- 1 person. Fire safety. The design does not provide the use of combustible materials. Length 8.4 m (with a weapon) Width 3.6 m Height 2.9 m It is a complete copy of the legendary tank.

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