1985 Military CUCV M1009 with M1101 trailer. Bought in 2013 and extensively upgraded and restored as below. Used as my daily driver for years, and just completed a 500 mile roadtrip on 15 Jan 2023. It has the Detroit Diesel 6.2 liter 135 hp naturally aspirated V8, non-turbo engine, with 3-speed automatic transmission, that starts every time. This is the same engine that was installed in the first generation HMMWVs. Over 70,000 CUCVs were made between 1983 and 1986. The M1009 tows 3,000 lbs, and averages 22 mpg on the highway (without trailer). The actual mileage is unknown, and that’s how it was titled (odometer reading ‘inaccurate’ as it has only 5 digits and may or may not have rolled over anew during its military service). Originally obtained at auction from the Marine Corps Depot in Columbus, Georgia. I’ve put 15,500 miles on it in 10 years. A fresh oil change will be provided.

1. Two new starter batteries (newest set is 2.5 years old).2. Two new 100 Amp 12 volt alternators/belts.3. 24-to-12 volt conversion: a. Serial to parallel battery cables. b. Removal of glow plug resistor on firewall. c. Removal of 24 volt starter motor.

d. Installed military 12-to-24 volt voltage regulator for use of the military radios.4. Battery disconnect switch install.5. 8 new glow plugs (changed with Leroy Diesel glow plug removal tool for GM 6.2 engines).6. New glow plug solenoid & wires.7. Momentary switch bypass of glow plug controller card; replaced defective momentary switch.8. New starter relay (‘Doghead modification’ on Spin-on fuel filter conversion, new fuel hoses, & new fuel filter replacement.10. Removal of all but one new 40 amp fusible link on all new wiring to firewall 12 volt electrical relay.11. Horn button spring repair; horn relay replacement; horn relay diode removal.12. New NATO slave plug cover.13. Replaced all vacuum lines.14. CB radio installation.15. Cigarette lighter installation.16. Replaced/bonded (3M Panel Bond) all rusted floor pans.17. Rustoleum brand (Rhinolining equivalent) epoxy floor/bed treatment.18. Replaced rotted OEM seatbelts with HMMWV (M998) seatbelts.19. Removed wheel lock chain.20. AM/FM/CD radio & marine speaker installation.21. Replaced rear view mirror.22. Replaced hood seal and (anti-slam) bumpers.23. Replaced both front door seals x4.24. Replaced both cab & shell seals x2.25. Replaced both shell-to-bedrail seals x2.26. New old stock military seat covers (formerly RealTree AP).27. New floor mats (RealTree AP).28. New steering wheel cover (RealTree AP).29. New passenger visor organizer (RealTree AP).30. Replaced missing bridge weight plate numbers.31. Installed passenger side antenna mount with stainless hardware.32. Installed passenger side NOS milspec AS-3916 antenna system.33. Replaced burnt out reverse lights.35. New heater core and hose/hose clamp installation.36. Installed recovery strap to front shackles.37. Window tinting to maximum Florida legal percentages.38. Rear wheel 1 1/4″ wheel spacer installation.39. All new tires.40. All new brake system.41. Rear bed 5-gallon Jerry can & mount installation.42. All new decals inside and out.43. Added refurbished M105A2 trailer (most recent MWO 2009 at Fort Rucker, AL).44. Added all stainless hardware to rear passenger radio power bus bars.45. Added driver side rear decontamination bottle assembly.46. Added 5 lb. carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (for diesel runaway).47. Replaced missing brake pedal cover.48. Replaced missing glovebox hardware.49. New LMC protective dash cover with CoverKing RealTree AP dash velour carpet.50. Replaced all fuses.51. New windshield wiper blades annually.52. New front headlights.53. Military spare tire mount/hardware reinstalled with new full size spare tire.

54. All new stainless exhaust.

55. New lockable tailgate lock installation.56. Tailgate seal replacement.57. Rear liftglass inner/outer seal replacement.58. Rear shell liftglass top seal replacement.59. Center console installation.60. New mechanical SunPro gauges & gaugepod installation (12-volt voltmeter, water temperature, oil pressure).61. Installed driver side NOS milspec AB-15 antenna system (with MS-116A/MS-117/MS-118 whips).62. Added diesel TinyTach gauge.63. Replaced shell-to-bedrail bolts with stainless 5/16 – 18 bolts (1 1/4″ long).64. Repainted with 383 CARC (paint already obtained) to ‘new’ military paint scheme TM specs.65. Painted exterior stencils.66. Replaced with new L black inside door panels.67. Installed original driver and passenger side rear radio trays.68. Installed AN/VRC-12 military radio system (all functional: RT-524 & R-442 behind front passenger, RT-246 behind driver). An additional working R-442 is included.

69. Installed military hood-mounted solar battery charger.

70. Installed passenger side air conditioner with original compressor mount (replaced second alternator to accomplish).

71. Installed period-correct military intercom system for all four passengers.

72. Installed military shock-proof spotlights on grill guard.

73. Replaced all nonfunctional blackout lights.

74. Installed military M16 rifle mount behind driver’s seat with M16 model.

75. Includes military NBC test kit and original passenger floor tray (not installed).

Completely restored and vastly improved, this is the ultimate EMP-proof vehicle! It has a clean Florida title. I’ve had a blast with it, but it is now too small for my family.

Please remember, this is a 38-year-old vehicle that has been well cared for, but has scratches, scrapes, and oil/rain leaks commensurate with its age.

A deposit of $1,000.00 is required within 24 hours of auction ending. The balance must be paid either with cash or certified check/cashier’s check, and the vehicle must be picked up within 7 days. It is now located in Cocoa, Florida.

Price: Auction

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Location: Cocoa, Florida, United States