989 1097 A1 6,5 NA 3 speed auto

Military HMMWV that was originally built as a M998 and was completely overhauled and refurbished as a 1097 A1 (Heavy Variant) by Texas RSMS in 2009.

The Government would take outdated, in refurbish able condition HMMWVs, and would completely rebuild them with updated equipment.

The HMMWV was completely refurbished in 2009. The Government took the old 6.2 diesel out and replaced it with the new 6.5 diesel engine, as well as going through the entire vehicle and updating and rebuilding anything that needed it.

We acquired the vehicle and proceeded to go through it as well.

All the maintenance, fluids, parts, etc have been fully gone through. All filters, maintenance needs, and parts that were checked/replaced/refurbished to military specs.

This is a very clean, unaltered, HMMWV that has 1751 miles since refurbishing. The Government upgraded the vehicle to have heavier hauling capacity (hence the designation to 1097)

Price: $16,000

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Location: Tellico Plains, Tennessee, United States