1998 AM General M1123 A2 HMMWV heavy USMC variant. 4 – door soft top.

Powered by 6.5 Detroit Diesel Engine, 480LE 4-speed transmission this vehicle was obtained from the USMC in California and has undergone a partial restoration. This truck was re-built by the military in 2009 consistent with a data plate in the door jam – the serial number being 182XXX indicates this truck was produced by AM General in 1998 – it is on an Idaho Title.

Beginning from the ground up – This rig has new Good Year MT/R Load Range E mud tires; the run flats have been removed which greatly increases the comfort of occupants and throttle response – tires have been balanced and roll smooth. The geared hubs have had their spindles inspected for torque, both the hubs and differentials have been filled with fresh gear oil. The ball joints have all been inspected and greased. The transfer case has undergone a fluid exchange with AC Delco transfer case oil and the transmission has been serviced with a new filter, fresh Dextron, and the pan has been replaced with a modern AM General HMMWV pan that has a drain plug (original pan had no drain plug making a very messy situation for changing the transmission oil).

The fuel system was purged, the original tank was damaged on the inside, so the fuel tank has been replaced with a new one, as was the fuel filter and every rubber hose I encountered. The fuel injection pump was out of spec, so it has also been replaced with a brand-new Stanadyne DB2831-6277 – which is indicated for non-turbo HMMWVs. While I replaced the injection pump, I went ahead and replaced the glow plugs and diesel injectors with new ones, there is no smoke, no blow-by, this truck runs as it was intended.

The cooling system for this truck has been upgraded with a new aluminum radiator, the oil cooler was also replaced, as was the power steering cooler, pump, and all rubber hoses. All rubber cooling hoses were replaced, as was the 2 main Achilles heals the HMMWV has – the glow plug box and the hydraulic fan clutch. The fan clutch has been converted to the modern geared fan clutch consistent with modern GM engines – it is quieter than the original fan clutch and not prone to failure. The glow plug smart box has been replaced with a CAMOTEK glow plug controller – these 2 upgrades are a must to ensure you truck is reliable. Truck’s heater core and water pump were also replaced.

The electrical system for this truck has been checked, each wire loom inspected and tested for ground and continuity – all electric components are…

Price: $25,500

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