The winch works great and is quite powerful. The tires are in decent condition. The electrical system is 24-volt but is a mishmash of civilian and military wiring.  However everything does work. I recently replaced ignition coil, points, condenser and distributor input capacitor. I recently replaced the exhaust manifold with a good used and the intake manifold with a NOS unit.  I recently replaced the master cylinder. Carburetor was recently rebuilt by Treadwell. Has some rust in the typical M37 locations (i.e., fenders where headlights attach, door corners, side of hood and floor pans.)  Frame/undercarriage has no rust. Tailgate has some dents and rust – poor condition. Clutch is original but still works well enough. Seats are in poor condition but serviceable. I have installed seat belts. Metal top (oval rear window) is in good condition.

Hyde Park, New York, United States