This probable Perl Harbor veteran truck manufactured in December of 1940 served in Hawaii for the 25TH Infantry Division 35THRegiment Able The truck has the original 6 volt system generator and regulator. When the truck still belonged to the military the 218 CUIN engine was replaced with the longer more powerful 230 CUIN engine. The canvas cover and bows were of my own design for camping but still retains the military look. I used the truck for communications vehicle and would load up the vertical whip antennas for my ham radio operations while camping. The floor and bed frame have been replaced or altered. The cab has had some old fiberglass repair just in front of the windshield but it seems to be holding well. The cab floor has been replaced The bed walls were cut and moved outwards to make a wider bed. I have replaced several seals but there are still some minor oil and grease seal leaks

Location: Camarillo, California, United States