In its operational life, the K-18 truck carried all the radio transmitter gear, there was a trailer (K-19) that carried all the receiver gear. These K-18 trucks were built in very limited numbers into 1942, the war and all the years since have left only a handfull of the trucks still around! The truck has a awesome look to it, GMC COE’s trucks are rare enough, this is one of the ultimate as far as rarity goes. My plan was to fully restore the outside to its original military look and convert the inside to a fully equipped camper so I could stay in it at the various military shows. There is a door on each side of the box, and all the side windows roll down! The glass is all flat so, replacements wont be hard to have made.

Location: Santa Clara, California, United States

Price: Auction <- check here if it's still available

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