The entire drivetrain remains in an appropriate state of readiness for action, including a 6.2 liter diesel engine that fires right up and runs smoothly and a 3-speed automatic transmission that engages without incident. With its all-wheel drive and impressively sturdy 4-wheel independent suspension, there really isn’t much that can stop this Humvee from moving forward. Another example of just how much sturdiness is built into this Hummer comes in the form of its dual battery, 24v electrical system, with one of the batteries designated solely for starting and the other responsible for powering all other functions. Four-wheel power disc brakes provide the stopping power needed for this substantial vehicle, power steering helps maneuverability tremendously, and the body sits on a set of 37″ blacked-out wheels that are wrapped with massive 37×12.5×16.5 Goodyear Wrangler tires still showing plenty of tread life.

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Originally listed on December 24, 2020. Older listings are displayed for reference and probably will not be available.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States