1986 AM General M923 with a Cummins NHC250 6X6 Automatic 6-Cylinder with Braces and Tarp!  The M923 had a body with drop sides so it could be loaded from the side by forklifts.  The Braces and Tarp are easily installed with the walls back up.  The Tailgate is a drop down allowing for easy step into rear or truck.  The Tarp has zipper windows in front and back.  The Wind shields open separately on driver and passenger sides.  The Cummins Engine is Naturally Aspirated with 240 HP and 685 lb-ft of torque @1500 RPM’s.

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Originally listed on August 9, 2018. Older listings are displayed for reference and probably will not be available.

Location: Hutchinson, Kansas, United States