very rare 1941 Dodge WC18 Ambulance. It is the 1/2 ton version built for 1 year only, from the beginning of 1941 to the start of 1942 when the 3/4 ton models were introduced. Most of these G505 trucks were sent to the Allies under Lend Lease, so not to many were kept in the U.S. or survived WW2. There were only 1160 WC18โ€™s made so they are a very rare truck. This truck has seen better days, but I have to many projects and need to let some stuff go. The truck does have rust thru issues on both sides of the roof where it joins up with the sides, and also on the bottom of the rear doors. The original engine was removed and it has a 283 Chevy 6 in it, there is a brand new carburetor, rotor, cap plugs and wires.

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Location: Northridge, California, United States