Excellent M925A2 US military 6×6 truck with only 96 hours, 3,314 miles since rebuild! This truck was fully overhauled/rebuilt at Fort Riley Depot, Kansas and placed in ready reserve storage before I bought it surplus. I haven’t used it much as I have over thirty trucks in my collection including other trucks nearly identical to this one. I have driven it monthly to keep it turned over, but it’s mainly sat around which is why I have decided to sell it to someone who will use it more. I’m getting close to retirement and am starting to downsize my collection.

This truck always starts instantly, even if it hasn’t ran in weeks. It is fully functional including the Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), hydraulic winch and Anti Lock Brakes. The Cummins engine and Allison Transmission have rebuild plates attached (see pics).

This is a USGI stock truck with only five modifications that I have made:

1.) I installed an Isspro Turbocator (combination boost/exhaust gas temperature gauge). This is very helpful in montoring turbo temps and adjusting driving technique if needed. New vehicles have computers to prevent overheating of the turbocharger, but on older vehicles it’s up to the driver. This gauge, right on the steering column, takes all the guesswork out of it. Illuminates with the other gauges at night.

2.) I replaced the batteries and relocated them from under the passenger seat to under the passenger side exterior step in the metal storage box (see pics). The military originally located the batteries in the cab for arctic use. Even they began relocating them the way I did right before they phased the 939 series out of service. It’s better and safer having them outside the cab where they’re also easier to reach.

3.) The Haldex “Pure Air Plus” air dryer needed service after a while, so I overhauled it using all factory new parts.

4.) I installed locking door handles.

5.) Muffler replaced with straight pipe (see pics). The stock muffler is rather restricitve, so I put a straight pipe in it’s place to keep exhaust temps lower (easier on the turbocharger). The exhaust system is long enough that this didn’t make it much louder and the turbo stays cooler under full load. It’s nowhere near as loud as a stock deuce and a half, for example. The stock muffler is included with the truck if you want to re-install it.

The tires are matching Goodyear AT/2A radials and are 95%+ (only 3,314 miles on them). They have no checking or weathering and provide a nice ride even at high speed.

Seat cushions are solid, no rips/tears. The driver’s seat is the standard M-series suspension seat. Since the batteries were re-located out from under the passenger seat (#2 above), there is now a large, clean storage compartment under that bench seat.

Convertable top is the latest padded style vinyl. No rips/tears, it is starting to fade from sunlight.

There is some tree sap that dripped on the right front corner (hood/fender) of the truck. It is coming off.

This truck is street legal and fully licensed/titled/insured. It will transfer with a pink slip (CA Title) like any other used car/truck. I will say one thing for these M939a2 series trucks: in spite of their size, they are far easier/more comfortable to drive than most other military vehicles, particularly on the highway. This truck loves 60-65 MPH and although I prefer manual transmissions, the Allison in this truck tells me how they got their reputation for reliability. I even like when/how it shifts which is my main dislike with most automatics The hydraulic steering allows steering with just one finger and no bump steer off roading. Full air brakes with ABS and spring brakes make this truck very safe compared to earlier air over hydraulic brakes.

Due to trade laws, this vehicle can not be sold outside the US. I can provide contact info for an excellent drop deck shipper if you want it shipped to you. I’ll be happy to help with any loading. This truck is 45 minutes North of Los Angeles.

Payment in full must be received and fully clear of all banks before the truck can be picked up or title transferred. I selected the maximum available 14 days for full payment since I realize you may need some time to get funds lined up. In the three plus decades I’ve been collecting/restoring/customizing, I’ve seen a ton of fraud going on out there. Any scammers trolling eBay, please don’t waste my time-bother someone else.

If you are a serious buyer looking for probably the finest M925A2 currently available anywhere with no surprises, here it is. Fire it up and drive it home, even if that’s thousands of miles away. This truck is ready to go anywhere.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I’ll respond to your message ASAP, but I do work for a living so that may take a few hours.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar military for sale (Affiliate link)

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Location: Acton, California, United States