This is my CVR(T) FV105 Command and Control Sultan for Sale. Im still actively working on and off this vehicle so some things may be different than the description describes by the time of sale.

If you are wanting to get into the world of collecting tanks and armored vehicles, this is essentially where you start. This vehicle is part of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Family of armored vehicles of which there are 10’ish variants that i’m aware of. They are known for being very fast, small, and light weight. Because of this, and their relative availability of both vehicles and spares, they are one of the most popular armored vehicles to own. They will fit in almost any garage and are light enough to be towed around with ease and no need for special permits. They can even be made legal to drive on the road depending on where you live. They have steel track with rubber pads so they dont damage roads, and are equipped with all the basics of your average car such as headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, side mirrors, caution lights, and it even has an original horn. The horn works aswell! The last of these vehicles are starting to hit the market and I dont believe they will remain easy to get for too much longer.

The hull of the entire vehicle is made of a special aluminum alloy which is the greatest factor in these vehicles being so lightweight. No rust!(Iron “rust” anyways) The weight of this exact Sultan at the time of the pictures is 8400kg’s. It still has its original Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Filtration system installed and it works great. These seem to be getting harder to find and there are lots without them (Dont know why they rip them out, seems like a waste). The Canvas seen rolled up on the back is the original unpackable tent system for setting up a field command center and these aswell are getting harder to find not totally trashed. It is equipped with all of its periscopes ( 2x No. 44 Mk II’s and I think 8x

No. 42 Mk1’s), all of the equipment racks and cables for the Bowman radio’s (Not equipped, still too modern to aquire) and equipment are still installed, radio battery cables and fiberglass bins are still there and in great shape. All three front bins are installed and not all beat up. Front and rear mudflaps are intact. The Clansman Intercom system is with the vehicle but i have yet to install it, this system allows the crew to communicate with eachother and the radios in the vehicle via headsets as it is oftentimes too loud inside the vehicle to effectively communicate. Crew consists of a Driver, Commander, Radio operator and a few officers for mapping i believe. I’m not sure if there is an exact number out there but from what i gather about 200 or so were made.

This vehicle and all of the vehicles in the CVR’T family are fast, very fast! On a long stretch it is very possible to get 50+ mph. Very steady at that speed. Overall these are very capable vehicles. Very low ground pressure and superior off road performance. They eat through snow very well and its one of my favorite things to do with them. The gearbox sounds and shifts great, one of the smoother driving ones ive driven. This particular vehicle went through a modernization program and had many minor upgrades done to it but the biggest ones being the installation of a 12v 5.9 Cummins with a David Browne TN15E Gearbox. The Cummins only has 1556 hours on it at the time of this listing and i would be willing to bet the majority of these hours are idle hours. Keep in mind these are 20,000+ hour motors. The tracks still have lots of life left in them, drive sprockets are like new and arent hooked the least bit. Over half of the roadwheels appear to be new to newish. Five or six roadwheels are missing some or most of their rubber and the rest have definitely seen lots of use but there is still plenty of life on them (I may have swapped them out by the time of sale). With them your rubber is going to get peeled or broken off long before it actually wears down to being unusable.

I am very open to questions and i highly encourage them. Same goes for offers aswell but i will say that It wont break my heart if this vehicle doesnt sell as i’ve unfortunately grown to like my Sultan. Viewings are welcome aswell but please do so with a serious intent to purchase! As far as ownership goes, its as simple as a bill of sale. If you are interested in spares or parts i have many contacts overseas that will more than likely be able to locate anything you are wanting (For a price! Shipping gets expensive!). I can get what you need or put you into contact with someone who can. If you are new to these vehicles i can give you a pretty solid run around of the vehicle and how it functions. They’re different but not difficult! Shipping can be arranged by me for a price again or whoever you may like, they are very easy to ship due to their size.

No warranty expressed or implied! This vehicle is OLD and who only knows what this vehicle may have been through! I have driven this vehicle alot and have had no issues (Fuel lift pump left me stranded once but i unknowingly disconnected it) but it is never a guarantee with them and you must ensure you are constantly checking over the vehicle especially when you are driving it alot.

Once again i highly encourage questions as there are way too many features about this vehicle to list here in a reasonable amount of words.

Below are just some general stats of the vehicle and they may differ slightly from the exact vehicle i have. With these things no two vehicles are alike

Country of originUnited KingdomEntered serviceLate 1970sCrew5 – 6 menDimensions and weightWeight8.346 tLength4.82 mWidth2.28 mHeight2.6 mArmamentMachine guns1 x 7.62 mmMobilityEngineCummins BTA dieselEngine power190 hpMaximum road speed80 km/hRange640 kmManeuverabilityGradient60%Side slope30%Vertical step0.5 mTrench2 mFording1 m

Price: Auction

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